December 6, 2023

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What is SaaS application development?

SaaS is an abbreviation for ‘Software as a Service’. The hike and popularity of cloud technology have given a perfect atmosphere for the growth and subsequent rise of SaaS development

To put it in a simple way, SaaS is a software service that gives Ready-made software to the customers through a web app or mobile app. It is handy because the customers now do not have to deal with the configuration and installation as the SaaS provider handles it.

SaaS allows a user to connect and make use of cloud-based apps and services directly or indirectly over the internet. A common and most used example of SaaS is Email, Calendaring, Microsoft office 365, etc.

Advantages of SaaS Technologies:

  • Use of free client software: 

SaaS provides facilities for users to run SaaS applications directly from the web browser, which means you don’t need to download and install any software or application. A user does not have to purchase and install some software.

  • Only pay for that you use:

Using SaaS services and applications means saving money. As SaaS lead generation services automatically scale according to the intensity of uses, you save money.

  • Access from anywhere:

SaaS applications and services have data stored in the cloud. Hence, a user can access the data and required information from any device connected to the internet. 

SaaS application development:

SaaS-based application development has a complete focus on optimizing customers’ resources with their unique development and distribution model. 

The benefits of SaaS application development come through the platform on which every process is carried out. As the entire SaaS is based on cloud services, the development, services, maintenance, and distribution can be carried out easily, instantly, and fluidly. This form of cloud-based application allows a user to access the distinctive and unique features of the software that cannot be accessed through traditional models and formats.

SaaS application development platforms:

SaaS application development starts with finding the right application development tool. There are numerous ways to build and develop a SaaS application. One thing that has to be understood is the importance of utilizing a platform or tool for SaaS application tool. 

Many considerations need to be followed in selecting the right SaaS application development platform. Technology, ecosystem, apps, components, and many more. 

  • Easy and Fast development tool

A SaaS application can be built from open-source libraries, frameworks that can be leveraged from IDEs and CLI, and Model-driven visual development tools. An excellent SaaS application development platform always provides model-driven development of business logic, visual and straightforward prototype, APIs to integrate apps with data, easy testing, Flexibility to create using code or low or no code, and many more to count. 

  • Scalability 

The platform on which a SaaS application has to be developed must have the ability to flexibly scale the changes based on the demands of the end-user. This scale must be able to support disruptive innovations like Artificial intelligence, IoT app, etc. Good scalability means that the SaaS application is capable of coping with any relevant growth, integrating with any program, and functioning across all the devices.

  • Security

It is important how well a platform works; it is also important how well it is protected. Any data or information collected by a SaaS application, whether it is business data or data of customers. All this information and data are incredibly confidential that need proper security at the application level, network level, and cloud level. Moreover, it must support a massive stream of data in a secure way.

Example showing SaaS and IoT application at once:

You have seen colour-changing string lights. But what if you can change the colour and the duration of colour from your device. SaaS made it possible with smart voice connect facilities and an online control panel with light to control them. 


Any SaaS application development has many factors that complete it and provide users with the best experience. 


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