April 19, 2024

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What Do You Know About Printers and Their Cartridges?

If we were to name a few inventions, which revolutionized the way we operate in our lives, printers would surely make it up on that list. Printers have changed the way we write and access information. Earlier, when printers were not invented, it would have been really difficult to write all the data on paper.

However, with the invention of printers, our time and energy are being preserved to a huge scale. You can easily make 100 copies of some print which would otherwise take you a lot of time to write by hand. Printers serve a lot in offices, corporates, schools and even on residential houses.

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Introduction to a toner

Those people who have a laser printer might be well aware of what a toner is. Toner cartridges have powder-based inks and are made of minute particles of plastic, carbon and other materials. The toner is transferred to the paper which is first electrostatically charged by the use of a drum.

The most common use of laser printers is in the offices and they are also used in homes. The laser printers come with the benefit of affordable cartridges. The major two components of laser printers are the drum and the roller. Once these components are subject to wear and tear due to regular use, the print quality degrades.

The good news is that these components are replaceable. There is a catena of generic brands which make these components available in the market at very affordable prices. Another benefit of using toner ink is that it does not dry out easily even when the printer is not used it for a long time.

Inkjet cartridge

An inkjet cartridge is composed of dye-based ink which is dissolved in glycol or water. Such cartridges spray the liquid on the paper from the tiny nozzles. The inkjet cartridges are equipped with microchips that have control of the ink spray for precise printing. These printers are good for printing documents and photographs at home.

A single cartridge can easily print anywhere between 300 to 400 pages.  These printers are also equipped for printing on high gloss pages and fabric.


Printers come in different types and the same is the case with their cartridges. Each type of printer and cartridges have their own set of advantages.