April 19, 2024

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Tips To Create An Effective Hotel Web Design

Hotel b2b web design will vastly influence travelers booking behavior, so it needs to be on top priority. Travelers expect a website that reflects their needs. If they are not excited about how the hotel website looks then they will probably not book a room.

There are multiple hotel website templates available but does it help your facility get direct booking. Nevertheless, people will not stumble on your hotel website and even if they do is there a guarantee they will directly book. There is a strategy on how to get travelers on your website, keep them engaged, and influence them to book directly. Good design does not mean adding plenty of bells & whistles. Sometimes, even less is more!

You can take help from Lions Share Digital, it is an Austin design firm to get a hotel website developed and designed correctly right from the start.

Must-have features of hotel website

Responsive design

A responsive website adapts the screen size. It means travelers can browse through your website from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. The font adjusts to the screen size with ease. It is crucial for a better user experience that the hotel website needs.

High-quality photographs 

Travelers want to know about the facilities your hotel offers. Photography is an investment, which will not just reside on your website but will be used for social media strategy and sales collateral. The photography shot list includes –

  • Front exterior
  • Hotel lobby
  • Every room
  • Meeting rooms
  • Wedding & events
  • Dining
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Other amenities

More variety is great because guests desire to picture themselves on your property.


High-quality photos can slow the website’s loading speed. Use tactics like limiting the number of page redirects and plugins. If you have a video on the website then it is wise to host it on YouTube or somewhere else. The images uploaded have to be in –

  • Photos in JPG and logos/graphics in PNG format.
  • 72dpi or 92dpi resolution for photo
  • Large images = 1MB
  • Background full screen images = 2000 pixels wide

The website load speed matters not just for user experience, but even for search engines.

Direct booking engine

The hotel website is designed for direct bookings. Therefore the crucial feature is a PCI-compliant, secure, integrated booking engine, which syncs properly with the hotel’s PMS [property management system].

The ‘Book Now’ button has to be visible even when the users browse through the website. The call to action button has to stand out. Therefore choose a color for the CTA button that reflects your brand. The online booking system you choose must be seamless and responsive.

Lead capture

The main goal of the hotel website is direct booking but there are other goals ranging from restaurant reservations and meetings to event inquiries. The website needs to offer clear directions for connecting with potential wedding planners and event managers. Ensure that contact information is in the front. Even collect leads emails] to directly interact with potential customers.

Consistent branding

From a visual perspective, branding conveys a message that your hotel website is real and trustworthy. To attract adventurous and young travelers incorporate quirky design elements colors and fun text. If your rates are appealing to global executives then keep branding sleek & minimalist.