April 19, 2024

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Reliability of Mobile Capture Products and How to Validate Your Messages are Being Recorded

Due to the pandemic, all traders, bankers, and contact centers have moved to a home office setup. At first, when the home-office arrangement was new, compliance with all regulations did not seem necessary because the goal was to keep work and the industry moving forward. But restrictions were inevitable when this became an ongoing process to lower the risk of getting infected by COVID-19.

The daily work routine now includes mobile call monitoring of employees to record their conversations with clients.  TeleMessage, a RegTech solution that allows for the recording and surveillance of mobile communications, has become the norm because smooth business is possible only if open and honest communication between employees and clients.

Data is crucial in all phases of a business.

Many data points are essential for business operations, including customer engagement, automation, personalization, and sales automation, but that data is easily accessible and distributed. It takes years of effort and a lot of money to build complex data products that will allow users to access the information to address this problem. Companies sometimes end up with a minimal solution that doesn’t meet their real-time needs. It is a task that requires constant development.

Messaging and compliance.

Today, we can see that employees and customers are moving to modern channels that are often the same as those used by consumers, like WhatsApp or WeChat, which will likely help them win the market. Employees are also more productive because they can work remotely from their offices or homes with the said apps. They can use mobile phones or desktops to share documents and images with others that complement converse with multiple people at once.

However, this shift presents a challenge because it must be compliant. Businesses can now engage customers the same way they would with their friends and family and allow them to make regular calls and send SMS. All these are done regularly as instant message recording, and all information flows into compliance and surveillance tools such as TeleMessage.

Check out this infographic to learn more validation of business IM recordings.