December 6, 2023

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Mobile Receipt Printers: Investing in a Printer that Suits the Needs of Your Business

Mobile printers are a useful addition to your business. They let you print from anywhere in your office or even outside through a wireless connection. If you are looking for mobile receipt printers, there are things you must know before you buy one.

Who Needs Mobile Printers

Any mobile business requires a TSC Printers mobile receipt printer to complete their transactions. This can include a food truck, a small shop at a flea market, or a pop-up store. Regardless of the kind of business you own, you need to provide your customers with receipts for legal reasons. Also, receipts can help with business accounting and taxes. A mobile receipt printer allows you to generate receipts with each transaction. 

Benefits of Mobile Receipt Printers

Mobility is a POS technology transformation that applies to modern receipt printers. The popularity of mobile receipt printers has to do with the following benefits they offer:

  • Small size. Mobile printers are quite small and portable. Also, you can find compact printers on the market that may be smaller. But a reduction in the size of a printer can also mean a reduction in the features it offers. If your company needs a specific size, get in touch with a vendor and ask for it. 
  • Compatibility. Often, mobile printers work with almost all operating systems. They make use of wireless connections when interacting with the POS system of a store and printing receipts. To make sure you buy compatible printers, purchase them from the same vendor you got your POS system from. 
  • Performance. Mobile receipt printers are quite fast. They show exceptional printing quality and speed. Depending on what your business requires, the printer can generate around five pages per minute. Also, the are faster printers available that can generate up to 16 to 25 pages per minute. But a printer that can produce 10 pages per minute is enough for a small business. 
  • Connectivity. Printers make use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to smartphones, computers, or tablets and print POS receipts. Also, certain versions can print directly from digital storage cards.  
  • Battery power. Mobile printers can work from 8 to 10 hours on one battery charge. You can purchase corded models, which are ideal if you have a frequently-moving business. 
  • Durability. The majority of mobile printers are quite durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to minor dings and spills. However, when the printer is dropped on a hard cement surface, this could be the end of its service life.