December 6, 2023

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How to watch Sing 2 for free

“Sing 2”, directed by gasjennings and Christopher ludley and starring Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, was released in the United States on December 22, 2021. how to watch Sing 2 for free? You can click “watch tv online free” to watch.

Introduction to Sing’s Plot

At the end of this year’s festival, a new chapter of the global blockbuster animation film series of lighting entertainment is about to begin, with greater dreams and more super popular Golden Songs. The ambitious koala Buster moon, as well as his All-Star animal artist, will present the most gorgeous and dazzling stage show in history… And will be held in the dazzling world entertainment capital. But there is one difficulty: they must first convince the world’s most isolated rock star – Bono, the music legend, to perform for the first time in animated films – to join them.

Buster (voiced by golden actor Matthew McConaughey) and his artists have turned his new moon theater into the most popular performance venue in the region, but he now has a greater ambition, that is, to hold the premiere of a new song and dance show at the christotta theater in the glittering red beach city.

There are no contacts in the entertainment industry at all. Buster and his artists – including the always worried pig mother rohitan (voiced by Golden Award actress Reese vesper), rock female porcupine Aishi (voiced by Scarlett Johansen), the hard-working gorilla Johnny (voiced by Tyrone eggerton), and the shy elephant Mina (voiced by Torrey Kelly), Of course, there is also love now piglet Gunter (voiced by Nick Kroll) – must sneak into the office of the world-famous Cristo entertainment company, which is built and operated by a cold-blooded and ruthless entertainment tycoon Jimmy Cristo (voiced by Emmy winner Bobby carnarvo).

In order to get Mr. Christo’s attention, Gunter, who was forced to jump over the wall, suddenly had a flash of inspiration and gave Buster a super flashy idea. Buster was also forced to adopt this idea, that is, to assure Mr. Christo that their new song and dance show will be starred by the legendary rock Lion King Corey Calloway (Bono dubbing). But the problem is that Buster has never met Corey, and this legendary rock star was retired from the music industry because of the loss of his wife more than ten years ago. He lived in seclusion alone for more than ten years, and no one has seen him again.

When Gunter was helping Buster design a classic masterpiece of a world-class stage song and dance show, and the pressure (and terrible threat) from Mr. Cristo was also increasing, Buster launched a great adventure to find the legendary Rock Lion King Corey Calloway, hoping to persuade him to return to the stage. The spring and autumn dream, which was originally just Pasteur’s wish to become famous, has been transformed into a modern fable, reminding everyone that the power of music is strong enough to heal the saddest broken heart.

Sing 2 Review

Although the plot is simple and stereotyped, and the characterization is not deep enough, it is really pleasant and good-looking, full of surprises. The rhythm and mood are well controlled. The works produced by lighting entertainment are not a little better than those of Disney and Pixar in the same period. The story of this sequel is a little hard to get started. Fortunately, the skills of the play have declined. Although the characters of the group portrait are far from as wonderful as the last one, the writers finally know to repair the problems existing in the characterization. On the whole, it is still a pleasant story. Finally, the visual effect of the sci-fi musical drama is much better.