April 19, 2024

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Downloading and Enjoying Lineage W on Redfinger 2023


On November 4, 2021, NCSoft introduced Lineage W, which combines components from prior games in the Lineages series and brings in fresh ideas. Players may now experience the game across various platforms, such as mobile, PC, and consoles.

In the foreseeable future, Lineage W is projected to be playable on both the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. This game provides players with an engaging journey filled with combat, excitement, and challenges that evaluate their skills. This piece will explain how to acquire and appreciate Lineage W with Redfinger.

Individuals looking to start playing Lineage W on Redfinger can follow these steps to download and enjoy the game:

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An Overview of How to Play Lineage W

In Lineage W, gamers can gain new abilities by completing a set of missions. These talents can then be automatically used by assigning them to the auto-cast menu. It is advisable to pick a character class that suits your inclinations and technique when playing the game. As per the latest report, the selection of classes in Lineage W has grown from 4 to 6, which consists of Monarch, Knight, Elf, Mage, Dark Elf, and Sura.

Timely completion of mission boards is recommended for players. This practice can also be used to provide gamers with many items that could be necessary in the future. Lineage W offers three types of quests, including emblem, mission, and event quests. There are various rewards available in the game.

When gamers ascend to the level of 50 or more, they can shift their concentration from combat-oriented stats to utility-based ones. Specifically, melee classes could strive to strengthen their constitution, and spellcasters may desire to enhance their wisdom. Needless to say, boosting your charisma at this point is not recommended.

Strategies to Pick the Appropriate Course in Lineage W

The Monarch character type is an even blend of support and DPS, making them an all-rounder. To improve their contribution to the team, they can use a sword to empower their allies. If players want to level up at a faster rate, they should focus on increasing their STR stat in order to raise their damage output. Unique to the world of Lineage W, the Monarch is the only one able to take control of the battlefield and grant their allies the power of survival.

The Knight class of tanks in Lineage W possess a formidable shield that is resistant to damage on the battlefield. AI combatants have the upper hand in most situations, but players can use a combination of sword and shield to increase their chances of survival. Furthermore, the Knight can be of great assistance in helping to lessen the amount of damage taken by other players.

The Elf archer class, being a long-ranged one, has low health and defense points, leaving it exposed when facing enemies with close-range capabilities. To help protect allies, it is recommended for players of Lineage W to use the option of shielding. The Mage class is the key contributor to keeping the allies alive, with its formidable offensive spells. Even though it has weak defense, the Mage can take out several enemies at once with its AoE combat abilities. It is not suggested for inexperienced players to pick this class when starting the game.


The Dark Elf class was released in the 2nd Episode of Lineage W, and is able to deal a significant amount of damage to opponents. The Dark Elf is able to increase its movement speed and wield Dual Blades and Claws. In addition, the developer mentioned that this class will assist in preventing a pre-announced disaster. As the first Signature class, Sura was released on November 2nd, 2022. This class can produce a considerable amount of damage according to the Brand level. Sura also has impressive hunting sustainability and is able to crush enemy battle lines with the help of Hwando, resulting in a high accuracy rate.

Enjoy Lineage W with Redfinger by Downloading it

Redfinger Cloud Phone, an Android virtual system, facilitates users to play mobile games directly on their computers or laptops. It functions on the cloud server and nearly does not consume any data, storage, or battery power of physical devices. To download and enjoy Lineage W, one can use this Android emulator which runs 24*7 on the cloud freely.

Users can take advantage of the Redfinger Cloud Phone to enjoy playing Lineage W with a better performance than what a standard mobile device can offer. Commence with the cloud emulator android and have a gaming experience with Lineage W that is out of this world!

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